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Update on Current Projects in the Works (a letter to Isaac and my subscribers)

Hello All,

We just wanted to send you all a quick update. Much is taking place at the moment in regards to our music careers.

Julian has been working on a piece for Alto Saxophone and Piano with one of the individuals from the MANA Quartet who played his piece, “Lilac Lights,” in November of 2019. He recently sent the saxophonist a rough draft of the complete piece and is currently awaiting feedback.

We have both been awarded as the co-winners for the 2021 Arcady-RBC Emerging Artist Competition. Julian will be having a piece, ”Spirits of the Dead" performed by them at some point in their 2021 or 2022 seasons and Isaac will be having, “Sketch for Soprano and Piano” played. We will both be meeting with their composer in residence and be given recordings of our pieces being performed by one of their choir members.

If any of you would be interested in hearing a recording of them being sightread at ECU, here are the links:

(Spirits of the Dead)


(Sketch for Soprano and Piano)


Isaac and Julian have been collaborating working on a musical score for an educational animation about microbes. The work is based on a comic that represents microbes as characters that are good guys and bad guys, like a superhero comic, with a bit of science documentary type narration as well.

We are also currently working on a contract with Aunt Doris to do some work for her website. The current concept is a musical production based in part on Isaac, “Motivational speakers,” (https://soundcloud.com/user-690535681/motivational-speakers) but made to be more calming. We may also be doing some graphic work for her.

We are still working on our Album, “It’s Beginning to Rain” but it is currently on the back burner due to us being so busy.


Julian and Isaac

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